Bohemian School

Virgin and Child 


Canvas on wood 


44 cm x 34 cm


Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels 

Inventory number 



Sold by the widow of the collector Van Gelder (Ukkel) together with six other paintings to Andreas Hofer on 13 May 1941 for a total sum of 220,000 RM. (A. Hofer was curator and purchaser for the art collection of Hermann Göring). This collection was transferred from Carinhall to Berchtesgaden in 1945; recovered by the American Monuments, Fine Arts & Archives division at Berchtesgaden in 1945 (Berchtesgaden no. 883); transferred to the Collection Point München (Munich no. 5931), returned to Belgium (Economic Recovery Service no. A.42); assigned in 1951 to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels.

  • Bohemian School, Virgin and Child